The 200 Gallon Fish Tank Is Larger And More Expensive, But Can Hold Bigger Fish

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The fish hobbyist needs to know many things regarding 200 gallon fish tanks because there are many factors involved which determine whether the size of the fish tank is appropriate or not. Mostly, beginners do not start out with a 200 gallon fish tank, preferring instead, to start with smaller capacity fish tanks and progressing on to bigger ones with the passage of time when they begin to feel more comfortable about having a 200 gallon fish tank.

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A big factor that will influence the hobbyist or even other buyers is the price tag of the 200 gallon fish tank as this sized fish tank costs more to buy as well as to outfit. There will be need for a larger heater, filter, as well as needing more amounts of gravel for the 200 gallon fish tank. In addition, for a 200 gallon fish tank, the quantity of additives required is correspondingly greater as additives are based on the amount of gallons. Also, the 200 gallon fish tank will be able to hold a greater number of fish and it is possible to even have fish that grow up to a foot and beyond, in length.

You may be able to choose a 200 gallon fish tank made out of either glass or Acrylic, even though most people may prefer glass fish tanks over Acrylic fish tanks because Acrylic fish tanks tend to scratch easily and so the view of the fish gets spoiled easily. Also, the glass fish tank is cheaper than the Acrylic fish tank, even though Acrylic fish tanks have the advantage of being seamless, and so do not leak. Glass fish tanks are generally glued together and are very reliable, even if they may tend to leak, once in a while.

There are certain types of equipments necessary to have along with the 200 gallon fish tank and they include under-gravel filters, bio-wheels, canister filters, power-heads and heaters. The under-gravel filters do not cost much and are also easy to maintain and they also keep the fish tank crystal clear. Even though bio-wheels are generally used on smaller sized fish tanks, having one may be of use as they help to circulate the water and keeps the tank clean. The canister filters have also been found to do wonderful service to the fish tank by keeping them clean for weeks on end and so obviates the need for changing water every week or so. They are worth having in spite of their higher costs.

Power-heads in the 200 gallon fish tanks make a big difference to keeping it clean by also providing the fish with more oxygen and are far more powerful than the air tubes. For a 200 gallon fish tank housing tropical fish, a heater is a must, especially as fish such as the Goldfish are cold water fish and so prefer loser temperatures and since most tropical fish need temperatures between 76-80 degrees, a heater is a must.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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