Buying A Glass Fish Tank For Your Living Room

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Rearing fish in your house is not something very simple, as many think of. You basically need to decide the placing, the environment, the aquarium, the fish and everything relating to it. Of all these, having the right aquarium or fish tank is the most important, not just because the fish are going to be in it, but it also decides on all the other factors as well.

A glass fish tank has been the choice of many for almost half a century, although lately this trend or tradition has rapidly changed to the use of acrylic as fish tanks. Most of those who are still using glass fish tanks in their house would know the beauty of having one, and would not change from it easily.


This usage of glass fish tank as the main place to keep fish has been a tradition for many centuries in fact, for if you look back at history during the 18th and 19th centuries, people have been keeping fishes in glass panels attached with metal framed or even glass bowls. Only in the middle of 20th century things changed and glass sealed fish tanks were used instead of framed ones. Glass panels were attached together using silicon adhesive.


Nowadays this trend has become very famous, and indeed a glass fish tank is always the primary choice when it comes to fish keeping in houses, especially if you are to keep the fish for display to your guests, which most probably would be in the living room or guest room.

Commonly, the smallest form of a glass fish tank starts at 10 gallons. From that, it goes all the way to 20, 30, 45, 75, 100 and even more. Basically when you are deciding what size you should have for your living room, you should look at what time of aquarium setting you would be having. Professionals recommend that for freshwater tanks, it should be not lesser than 20 gallons, and for marine tank it should not be lesser than 30 gallons. And most of the times, it is advisable to have a glass fish tank that is wider or longer, because this would provide more water surface area, which would help to promote better oxygen exchange needed by the fish.


There are several reasons why people still go for the glass fish tank compared to acrylic. Generally glass tanks are cheaper and they do not much brace support compared to the latter. Also, a glass fish tank is more scratch resistant and won't turn yellow over time compared to acrylic as well.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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