Choosing A Saltwater Fish Tank For Your Fish

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Selection of a saltwater fish tank for your home can be a little time consuming, due to the number of shapes and sizes available, but generally, you should choose the biggest one, which will fit, in your room and into your budget.

A 30-gallon saltwater fish tank is considered the smallest you should have, as it will provide sufficient surface area to allow adequate exchange of oxygen into the water and allow the fish more swimming room. Think about yourself and your living arrangements. Choose whether you prefer a three bedroom house or a one bedroom efficiency apartment.

The oxygen content of the water will determine the success of keeping the fish alive and since tropical fish need a water temperature of about 75 degrees, the water in a saltwater fish tank at that level will hold less oxygen, making the surface area more important. Adding an air filtration system will help keep the water properly oxygenated.

The saltwater fish tank itself should be carefully considered, as they are available in glass and acrylic. An acrylic saltwater fish tank is lighter, usually stronger than glass and can be molded into many shapes and sizes. However, some cleaning tools can damage the acrylic. Glass, while easier to clean and will usually remain clear longer, is heavier and the bigger the tank the thicker and heavier it will be. Glass is also subject to breaking easier than acrylic.

Choosing Fish To Move In

The species of fish you select for your saltwater fish tank will be matter of personal preference, but the number of fish you hope to maintain will be dictated by the size of your saltwater fish tank. Initially, there should be no more than one inch of fish for four gallons of water allowing 10 inches of fish to live in a 40 gallon saltwater fish tank.

After about six months, you can increase the population to one inch of fish per two gallons but anything over that may lead to overcrowding of your saltwater fish tank. When too many fish occupy the space they can become stressed and develop diseases, similar to you being in an overcrowded room all the time.

While algae can be beneficial to your enjoyment of aquatic life, too much algae in a saltwater fish tank can cloud your view. To control its growth consider its needs: sunlight and nutrients. The saltwater fish tank may be too close to a window or there may be too much fertilizer available. Consider introducing algae-eating species into your aquarium to help slow the spread of algae.

Want to Build a Awesome Aquarium With Full of Lovely & Healthy Tropical Fishes?

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